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Walking Through The Valleys

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On Our Knees

In a time such as this, when it is difficult to be physically present with one another by gathering for worship or caring for the needs of others in person, we are reminded that we still have the most effective form of ministry and faith formation available to us – prayer!  As believers we know that prayer is an essential part of faithful discipleship.  So why do so many of us spend so little time in prayer?  Why do we often feel like our prayers are just words spoken into the air?  In this sermon series based on Richard J. Foster’s classic book, Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home, we will explore the three main purposes of prayer (Transformation, Intimacy with God, Outward Ministry) and how to incorporate different prayer practices into our daily spiritual lives.
Intimacy Prayer ResourceTransforming Prayer ResourcesPrayer As Ministry

Messy People, Merciful God

God specializes in using messy people! There are countless examples of flawed people in the bible who God used as part of His story to redeem the world.  

God doesn’t use people who are strong in themselves. His grace is perfected through human weakness, through our “messiness” (1 Cor 1:18-31; 2 Cor 12:5-10).  In this way, the glory goes to God, not to our own resourcefulness, intellect, or accomplishments.

The Bible teaches that people don’t need to try to be perfect; they need to be forgiven. God’s “heroes” know that their destiny is not dependent on their faithfulness in doing the best they can, but on God’s faithfulness to keep His promises. Everyone can put faith in that fact.

Over the next 6 weeks of lent we will explore messy people of the New Testament who demonstrated God’s faithfulness despite the imperfections of their lives.  We too are a messy people.  As we confess our mess and our brokenness,  God’s transformational mercy shapes us into the people he means for us to be.

Embracing Our Sending

Inviting, Being and Sending are the 3 words that we use in our FGMB ministry vision to describe who we are as people of the church.  Over the next 2 months we will hear from a variety of voices that will speak to our sending vision.  We are a community with a mission that is both local and global.  We have a commitment to sharing Christ which permeates our thinking, planning and decision-making.

We will hear from leaders who will share about a wide range of topics. They will have a general theme of an outward looking focus that leads us to “Embrace our sending”.

Advent – Through Their Eyes

The term Advent indicates a season of hope and expectation. The Advent series we are working through this December is, “Through Their Eyes.” This series seeks to explore the story of Advent through the eyes of characters in Scripture as they live in expectation and hope of a Saviour.  Join us as we encounter the experiences of the prophet Isaiah, John the Baptist, Joseph, Mary, Jesus himself, and Herod and the Magi.

God, the Universe, and Everything: Genesis
The book of Genesis, and particularly chapters 1-11 are a formational text for the Israelites as they leave behind their sojourn in Egypt under the leadership of the prophet Moses. Here we encounter a narrative that is meant to reshape the worldview and identity of a people that had been immersed in the polytheistic paganism of ancient Egypt for more than 400 years.  The stories of Genesis provide the Israelites with answers to their most fundamental questions about their world and the God they serve.  Together we will discover how this text can also serve as a formational text for us today in the midst of our own questions about God and the world we live in.

image: Made Unmade Remade, by Michael Cook – used with permission