Current Sermon Series:

December 2 – January 6

ADVENT:  Words of Expectation

This Advent Worship series is an exploration and study of  words associated with this season of Advent – Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, Christ, Light.

Advent means the “coming” of something or someone important.  In the Old Testament, the Israelites had a covenant with God. The problem was that the people continued to fall short and turn away from God even though God was faithful to His promises.   Through the prophets, God promised a new King would come; one who would establish a living and eternal covenant. It is this Messiah – Jesus, for which the people were waiting.  It is this same Jesus in whom we hope today as we long for his promised return.

Video links – The Bible Project
“Word Study – Hope”
“Word Study – Peace”
“Word Study – Joy”
“Word Study – Love”
The Birth of Jesus – Luke 1-2

Previous Sermon Series:

September – November 2018
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The vision statement of our congregation highlights three aspects that encompass the life and ministry of the church; Inviting, Being, Sending.  In the book of Acts, we find the story of the beginnings of the church as they are SENT – commissioned by Jesus to share the Good News with their world.  In this sermon series we will immerse ourselves in the story of the early church so that we may be encouraged and renewed in our commitment to proclaim the gospel in our world today.

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