Current Sermon Series:

September – November 2018

SENT: You Will By My Witnesses  Acts 1-16

The vision statement of our congregation highlights three aspects that encompass the life and ministry of the church; Inviting, Being, Sending.  In the book of Acts, we find the story of the beginnings of the church as they are SENT – commissioned by Jesus to share the Good News with their world.  In this sermon series we will immerse ourselves in the story of the early church so that we may be encouraged and renewed in our commitment to proclaim the gospel in our world today.

Acts 1-2 Life Group Study Guide

Acts 3-4 Life Group Study Guide

Acts 5-7 Life Group Study Guide

Acts 8-9 Life Group Study Guide

Acts 10-11 Life Group Study Guide

Previous Sermon Series:

Great Pray-ers of the Old Testament
Summer Worship Series:  June 17 – September 2

Each week we will discover a prayer from an Old Testament character.  As we learn about the circumstances in which they prayed and how God responded to their prayer, we will consider how we might be challenged and encouraged in our own circumstances and prayer life for today.

Thrive: A Life in Balance
April 22 – June 10

THRIVE Group Study Overview
THRIVE Group Study – Verse 1 Calling
THRIVE Group Study – Verse 2-3a Nourishment
THRIVE – Group Study – Verse 3b Listening
THRIVE Group Study – Verse 4-5a Letting Go
THRIVE Group Study – Verse 5b Fruitfulness
THRIVE Group Study – Verse 6 Assurance