Current Sermon Series:

Entering the Land of Promise – Joshua 1-8

In the book of Joshua we find the account of the people of Israel finally leaving the wilderness and entering into the land of Canaan, the Promised Land.  Some may read this as a narrative of a divinely sanctioned genocidal military conquest that is best left as ancient history. We must acknowledge that the violence of the OT is distinctly at odds with the message of Jesus found in the NT.  Within this text, however, we also see an extraordinary fulfillment of divine promise to bring God’s people out from the oppression of the past into a hopeful and abundant future.  As a congregation trusting in God’s leading we hope to draw some parallels for how we can be faithful in moving into the next chapter of life and ministry here at FGMB.

Previous Sermon Series:

LENT 2019: Habits of Everyday Spirituality

Spirituality is about attending to the movements of the Holy Spirit in one’s life and community in order to draw closer to Christ and Christlikeness.  Often we associate spirituality with such ancient practices as prayer, fasting, solitude and silence.  But Christian spirituality is not just about these “sacred” activities; not includes “whatever you do” (Colossians 3:23). In this Lenten series we focus on several everyday habits which, when done with intention can become habits of everyday spirituality that return our attention to God.

SALT & LIGHT:  Matthew 5:13-16