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God, the Universe, and Everything: Genesis
The book of Genesis, and particularly chapters 1-11 are a formational text for the Israelites as they leave behind their sojourn in Egypt under the leadership of the prophet Moses. Here we encounter a narrative that is meant to reshape the worldview and identity of a people that had been immersed in the polytheistic paganism of ancient Egypt for more than 400 years.  The stories of Genesis provide the Israelites with answers to their most fundamental questions about their world and the God they serve.  Together we will discover how this text can also serve as a formational text for us today in the midst of our own questions about God and the world we live in.

image: Made Unmade Remade, by Michael Cook – used with permission

Previous Sermon Series:

Names of God (August 2019)
Throughout the Scriptures, especially in the Old Testament we find many names which have been used by the writers and prophets to describe characteristics of the indescribable God.  In this short summer series we will explore four of these names:  Yaheweh, Jehovah Nissi, El Roi, El Shaddai.  Each of these names gives us insights into the nature and character of our God.

The Armour of God (July 2019)
In Ephesians 6:10-18, the apostle Paul reminds believers of the true nature of our struggle as we follow Jesus.  We are reminded that the conflict that we face in our daily walk is a spiritual one.  In this text we learn that we can live boldly and victoriously in the face of these challenges by putting on the spiritual armour that is provided for us.  As we take up each of these pieces of armour we are empowered by the all-powerful Spirit of God to be able to stand firm in our faith in Jesus Christ.