Donate - Tithing and Giving

Thank-you for your generosity and support for the ministries of the church.

Your financial partnership contributes to the environments and programs that lead to life transformation with Jesus. Please see below for the various ways that you can partner with us financially.


Our preference is e-transfer or automatic deposit. If you are using PayPal or Credit Cards, a percentage of that donation goes towards fees.

To send an e-transfer email to and indicate what your donation is designated for in the message line.

Note that if you donate online through your bank, or use the PayPal option, all donations will be assigned to the general ministry plan unless you let us know that you would like some amounts designated elsewhere.

Thank you for your generosity in contributing to the ministries of Fort Garry!  Please prayerfully consider additional donations to allow us to finish the year well.

Automatic Giving

Fort Garry MB uses a CAFT system to coordinate automatic donations between the church and you. For your convience, we have several different dates that you can choose from: The 1st of the month, the 15th of the month, bi-weekly Fridays, weekly Fridays, and the last day of the month. To set up your automatic donation account with FGMB, you will need to fill out a form to provide the necessary information. Download the form to the right of page, or find a printed copy at the Church Life Centre. Please email the office at or call 204-269-5940 if you have any questions.

Download Automatic Giving Form (PDF)

Cheque or Cash

Both cheque and cash donations are accepted by the office. The church provides envelopes for your convenience. It is important to write the date and your name on your donation so that it gets entered appropriately in our system. All cash and cheques are deposited every Sunday. If there is no date on the envelope, it’s assumed that the donation was from the Sunday.

If the donation is intended for a ministry other than general donations, such as “Sanctuary Renovation” or “Pioneer Camp,” please notate this on the envelope.


Please click the “Donate” button to give directly through PayPal. If you would like to receive a donations receipt for tax purposes at the end of the year, please provide your name with your donation.

PayPal takes a fee of 1.7% of every amount donated.

Designated Giving Policy

Spending of donor designated funds is confined to programs and projects approved by FGMB Church. Each restricted contribution designated towards such an approved program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason determined by FGMB Church, the remaining restricted contributions will be used where needed most.

Donations designated to other Canadian Registered Charities, whose objectives are compatible with FGMB’s objectives, will be forwarded to the indicated charities on a monthly or quarterly basis.