Venture Winnipeg is a missional church daughtering initiative of the Fort Garry MB Church. This missional church plant approach is deeply rooted in our Anabaptist heritage, which is modelled around the life and teachings of Jesus. Four foundations of the proposed approach are consequently as follows:

  • Winnipeg is our “mission field” (our Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria as it were) – We have sent a mission team from FGMB into this mission field, not unlike how missionaries have historically been sent by Mennonite Brethren into countries around the world. Missions is part of the Mennonite Brethren DNA.
  • Jesus brought a holistic gospel – and so is the gospel that Mennonite Brethren preach. The team we have sent brings a holistic gospel, attending to the physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of both individuals and communities.
  • Jesus’ posture was incarnational – Canadian culture is undergoing massive changes that require recalibrating what it means to be the Church in our society. Canada is a mission field with an increasing number of people who have never (and likely will never) set foot in a church building, and who have little if any Christian memory or understanding. Therefore we are not planting a church in the traditional, ‘attractional’ way (by setting up regular Sunday services and programs where seekers are invited to ‘come’ to and ‘fit in’ to’ our church culture), but rather by seeing ourselves as missionaries, sent into our community to minister to others in the course of our daily lives and gather for fellowship, worship and teaching in our homes and neigbourhoods.
  • Jesus formed a community to complete His work – the FGMB Venture Winnipeg ministry team is comprised of a community of leaders committed to serving, making friends, and being attentive, and obedient, to the leading of the Holy Spirit TOGETHER – in the various contexts they find themselves in – work, recreation, neighbourhoods, etc. This community serves and witnesses together, and also functions as a congregation –growing together through worship, prayer, intentional accountability and discipleship, and being shaped by God’s Word. Spiritual formation of team members will happen in “real time” – in the day to day, week to week context of being on God’s mission to Winnipeg TOGETHER. In fact, some would say the best discipleship happens when a community of believers lives on mission together – outside of church walls.


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