Inviting Being Sending – The Vision of FGMB

Fort Garry Mennonite Brethren Church is a community of people committed to following Jesus in all aspects of life. As a community we live out this commitment through the vision of three defining actions – Inviting, Being, and Sending.

Through words and actions we share Christ with others, inviting them to join us in our journey. Newcomers are welcomed, celebrated, and included in our
fellowship of faith. (Inviting)

We intentionally emphasize disciple-making by nurturing caring relationships, helping all to grow and develop towards maturity in their life in Christ. (Being)

We are a community with a mission that is both global and local. This commitment to sharing Christ permeates our thinking, planning and decision-making process. Through prayer, giving and service we impact our personal networks, our city and our world. (Sending)

Inviting – any and all

Members of Fort Garry freely invite friends, neighbours and associates to explore what it means to know and follow Jesus and to experience the transformation that comes from being in personal relationship with God.

We invite any and all to experience the worship, community and fellowship of our congregation life. We welcome newcomers of all ages and backgrounds into our small groups, our schedules and activities, our homes and our hearts.

Those who are unsure of belief are welcome to be a part of and participate in the activities of the faith community without pressure to express a public commitment to Christ. Our hope is that through finding a sense of belonging in the community of faith that they will be drawn to choose to follow Christ.

Being – the faithful church of Christ

Following Jesus means more than giving mental assent to a set of doctrinal statements or a confession of faith (believing). It means allowing God’s Spirit to completely transform our thinking, our values, and our lifestyle.

Together we engage in thoughtful communal worship, biblical teaching that is both relevant and engaging, developing world views that reflect the values of the Kingdom, and a global concern for the world God loves and Jesus died for – these are marks of a healthy community of faith.

We recognize that a life of faith is lived in the context of caring community. We share our lives through the humble sharing our authentic selves, our gifts and our needs, our strengths and our weakness with one another. We begin where people are, welcoming the broken, healing the wounded, nurturing children, youth and adults for maturity of faith in Christ and equipping them for effective ministry and service.

In our relationships, our ministry opportunities within the church and in our various “worlds,” we reflect the grace and truth of Christ. We respond to conflict with personal humility and a loving commitment to reconciliation.

Sending – “where we are and around the world”

Fort Garry MB Church is not a holding tank for Christians waiting to go to heaven; we are a community of “sent ones” engaged in our various “worlds” as reconcilers, healers, and agents of God’s agenda in the world. In addition to ministries offered on-site at FGMB, this happens at three levels:

  1. Missional Living: We are sent into our communities to share life, extend love, ask questions, offer personal experiences and perspectives, and help others grow in their spiritual journey, wherever they happen to be. Each one of us is a “minister of the gospel” to our neighbour, our co-worker, our friend, and to all whom we meet.
  2. Missionary Service: We call, equip, and send and support our members to serve in various short-term and long-term ministry settings. Our various ministries (youth, seniors, small groups) regularly serve as volunteers in local ministries as part of their scheduled activities. We continually send workers, whether they are families with young children or retired seniors and all in between, to serve as volunteers or vocationally with ministries in our city, our province, and around the world.
  3. Church Planting: We prayerfully, deliberately, and joyfully send out groups of members (including leaders) to develop missional communities and plant daughter churches. This is an on-going strategic plan to extend and multiply the ministry of our church, enabling us to be increasingly faithful and effective in living out our God-given mission.