Current Sermon Series:

Thrive: A Life in Balance
April 22 – June 10

Every day it seems like our schedules are fuller than the day before. The responsibilities of family life, the demands of the workplace, and the constant activities of our community including even our church can be overwhelming.  As children of God, we are invited to walk in paths that allow us to thrive – to experience the abundant life.  Psalm 23 is a helpful framework for us to consider what a life in balance looks like as we follow the Good Shepherd.

Group Study Guide:  a study guide will be posted here each week for further conversation.
THRIVE Group Study Overview
THRIVE Group Study – Verse 1 Calling
THRIVE Group Study – Verse 2-3a Nourishment
THRIVE – Group Study – Verse 3b Listening
THRIVE Group Study – Verse 4-5a Letting Go
THRIVE Group Study – Verse 5b Fruitfulness
THRIVE Group Study – Verse 6 Assurance

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